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  • John playing guitar in a snowy field.

    John Eldridge

    John Eldridge
  • I love playing and singing soulful, eclectic music. I've honed my sound performing professiinal for 20 years. From Joe Cocker to Sam Smith, James Taylor to Ray Lamontagne, the music and the messages from legendary singer songwriters lives in me. If you like acoustic music with a backbone and soul in your ears, I can lift you with my performance. I have plenty of originals to add to the mix too. Thanks for listening. 

  • Basecamp Pizza
    Base Camp Pizza
  • Base Camp Pizza Company Located in the Heavenly Village near the fountain, Base Camp Pizza Company is your “Base Camp” for casual, family-style dining, serving gourmet pizzas, salads, and pasta. Choose from our traditional or unique combinations created by their Chef with incredibly fresh ingredients.